Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Animal Fun Fact of the Day! #2

Did you know?
Anteaters protect their claws by walking on their knuckles. It makes them look like they're limping, but it actually doesn't hurt them a bit! Wow!

Wacky Glitch, and Mid-Day Updates?

       Hi-ho, everyone! I hope you guys are having fun today! Sadly, for the second day in a row, Animal Jam is having an update-- In the middle of the afternoon! I wonder why they've been choosing this new time to update? Oh well, I'm sure that AJ HQ is working as hard as they can to get the updates done ASAP! Meanwhile, right before the mysterious update, I was playing a few rounds of my favorite game, Best Dressed, when I saw something rather... odd... Take a look!

      Weird, right? I guess it's a new species, the Giranda! ;) That's the soup for the day, stay tuned for more positive posts! See you all later!

New Item of the Day!

       What's up, jammers? Today's woodtastic item is the new, super cool, Wooden Toy Box!! Well, I guess that gives "trunk" a double meaning, in this case! ;) The best part about it? Well, it's officially the FIRST non member wooden item in the set!! I jumped to it, and bought one the minute I caught a glimpse of it! See it for yourself! 
Pretty cool, right? Thats about all the news we've got for now, in the meantime,
Happy jamming!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun Fact of the Day! #1

Hi jammers! One of the many things I plan to do with this blog is add one fun fact about any animal on the planet every day! It's always good to know some terrific trivia, so let's get started!

Did you know? The average house cat has 32 muscles... In each of its ears! That's almost ELEVEN TIMES the amount of muscles in a human's ear! Wow!!

Hello, Jammers!

       Today happens to be the day of the birth of a new blog! The Animal Jam Soup! I'm just your average jammer, hoping to have some fun with a new blog! I'm a fan of quite a few other blogs, and I've been keeping close watch on several for many, many months by now, but I've not decided I should create my own blog 'till now! I have got quite a few fun things planned for the future, and I'm sure everyone will enjoy them! If you're looking forward to the blog, be sure to stay tuned! But, for now, 
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